Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer to the face can increase volume in cheeks, lips, and hollows under the eyes.

Fat Transfer Injections

Autologous Fat Transfer to the face is the method of processing and purifying one’s own fat. This is then used as injectable filler with powerful rejuvenation and anti aging properties. After the fat is re-injected to the face, it can assist to restore the lost facial volume, as well as the recover skin tone and the skin texture. The face looks less tired and is reverted to a youthful state. Results are natural appearing and consistent.

Transform your body, by safely transferring fat from one area to another. We can plump your lips, fill in facial lines, and enhance your breasts. The fat is usually taken from the thighs, abdomen, stomach or hips. It is then injected and massaged into the problem areas. It can help correct skin depressions, wrinkles or help to plump up your lips.


The first step involves the gentle liposuction of some excess fat.

 The second step involves the isolation and cleansing of the fat cells.

 The third and final step involves the injection of the fat cells into the targeted facial areas.

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