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Dysport is particularly useful to treat and prevent wrinkles in the upper face. They work by weakening the muscles with results appearing fast and lasting up to six months. 


Dysport is useful particularly to treat and prevent wrinkles mainly in the upper face. They can take the tension out of a face and make a face look more stress-free and youthful. They work by weakening muscles which is the most important reason for wrinkles. By removing the cause, the wrinkle fades and becomes less evident. The products act only locally and extremely selective on the treated muscle. They do not freeze the face or the look & expression. This treatment involves uncomplicated and relatively painless injection.
  • Dysport is available in 75 Countries across the entire world. This now serves Millions of people who share similar problems
  • This extensively accessible cervical dystonia solution has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an abobotulinumtoxinA injectable. The solution works to correct the abnormal head and neck position and the pain caused by an irregular posture
  • This muscle soothing solution also works for facial applications for the treatment of wrinkles in between the eyebrows. Dysport let the muscles to relax and become weakened so the frowning impression is temporarily removed

On the whole Botox and Dysport are almost similar to each other. Dysport is a petite-sized molecule and so its unit measurement is different than Botox. Both have been in use for quite a few years. And both Dysport and Botox have a high-security profile too and they can be used in other parts of the face and body. It must be injected every 3-6 months. As compared to Botox, Dysport provides a naturally soft look and is also less expensive.

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