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Youthful characteristics in the facial tissue can often be lost in the appearance of fine lines, decreased facial volume, wrinkles, skin laxity, or a combination of these factors. At Maison De Leumas we strive to give you effective and long term results that match your unique desires. Dr. Milroy Samuel will help you to decide which of our cosmetic procedures will give you the desired look that will leave you glowing and confident. You can always expect the best experience and service at Maison De Leumas.

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autologous fat transfer
Autologous Fat Transfer to the Face

Transform your face by safely transferring fat from one area to another. We can plump your lips, fill in facial lines and enhance your breasts...

Liposuction of the Chin

The classic manual method of Liposuction uses a suction machine connected to cannulas that are introduced into fat compartments ...

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Dr. Milroy J. Samuel

People Say

I was embarrassed at first at the thought of receiving anything from a cosmetic surgery center as a man, but when I finished six laser hair removal treatments I was happy I did. I actually started noticing a difference after two treatments. My skin feels great and there's no sign of unwanted hair. Plus, he has some fine girls working for him.
Age, 26